Presentation of Ferrandi Paris

As a new or existing student at FERRANDI Paris, you are no doubt looking for accommodation near your campus: Paris, Saint-Gratien or Jouy-en-Josas. 

FERRANDI Paris is a prestigious culinary school providing training in gastronomy and hospitality, both in France and internationally. 

Founded 100 years ago by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the school's name is linked to generations of chefs and hotel and restaurant managers, set apart by their signature culinary style and innovative streak.

We have put in place an accommodation platform, which provides you with a wide range of housing offers in Paris and Ile de France (the greater Paris region): student halls, Foyers de Jeunes Travailleurs (boarding houses for young workers), homestays and independent rental properties. 

This platform will assist you throughout the process of finding housing, so you can be better prepared for the start of school.

For applications sent to our accommodation partners, we advise you to send an email to Julie LE MENE, Pour toutes candidatures déposées auprès de nos partenaires logement, nous vous conseillons d'envoyer un email à  Julie LE MENE, school counsellor: [email protected]